How do i connect to the TWXSync server ?

Open ATTAC. (Or click ATTAC->Options from when already using ATTAC) You see the following screen

Create TWXSync Server

Step A: First click on the ATTAC->More options
Step B: Enter the TWXSync Server name. This can either be server address (ex: or the IP Address (ex:
Step C: Enter the Port to use. The default TWXSync port is 7777

After ATTAC is started.: You need to set ATTAC to "Sync" with the proper game on the server.

Configure TWXSync Server
Step D: Click Utilities->TWXSync Configuration
Step E: Select a game, enter the password and click Save then Close. Restart ATTAC
Note: At this point, your connection to the TWXSync server is completely automated. When you start ATTAC, it will automatically connect if the TWXSync server is online.

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