What does type of games does ATTAC support?
ATTAC supports any universe size and the windows version runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000. ATTAC v4 has the same look and feel of the version 3 but has a slightly different interface.

What did you add in v4.1?
We rewrote all the code from scratch and no longer use Visual Basic. ATTAC is now written fully in C which means it is much faster. Bust lists work much better, and the data parsing is much better due to ATTAC's dynamic state machine. All data including CIM parses in realtime. Overall, it is just better. Check out the feature list

How did we built ATTAC?
ATTAC is a TCP/IP tradewars helper. ATTAC is built with the Win32 API. ATTAC is written in C and using a custom built dynamic state machine to parse data into its binary database.

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