accessAttacDBwithREXX.zrx This scripts is a demonstration of how to access the ATTAC Database through REXX scripting. This will allow your scripts to read sectors, sector warps, port amounts and percents.
bustplanets.zrx This script is the famous planet busting script. I have rewritten it slightly to make it work better.
buydump.zrx This script will run the buy dump. It takes product from a port and places it on a planet.
colonistmover.zrx This script will move colonist between planets.
resourcemover.zrx This script is a resource mover from planet to planet for fuel, org or equip.
robmoverob.zrx This script will rob a port, port there, move to another port and then rob there and port and then repeat the cycle. (only for adjacent sectors).
ssm-speed.zrx This script is a very fast version of SSM.
sst.zrx This script will sell product to a port, then steal it back, move to another port and then port there and then steal it back and then repeat the cycle. Make sure you dont steal from the same port twice in a row. The maximum amount to steal is your experience divided by 21.
testBuffer.zrx Shows how to use the buffer with REXX and ATTAC.
testLogging.zrx Shows how to use logging with REXX and ATTAC.
trade.zrx This is a paired port script that will haggle for the best price.
tradenohaggle.zrx This script will run a paired port script without haggling.
twarpColonizer.zrx This script will sell Colonize a planet for you with either transwarp or planetary transwarp. One of the best colonizer scripts i have seen.

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