Feature List
  • Compiled for Windows 95/98/NT/2000
  • Shows Dead End Sectors up to a depth of 7 sectors
  • Show Nearest Fighter  
  • Realtime list of known fighters
  • Realtime list of known planets
  • Shows ports with large amounts of cargo
  • Shows ports under construction
  • Shows Pair Ports (highlights busted ports/sortable/filterable)
  • Shows Evil Pair Ports (highlights busted ports/sortable/filterable)
  • Real time bust list  
  • Blind Transwarp Protection
  • ZTM
  • User Defined Scripting in REXX
  • Ability to build personalized forms in REXX scripts  
  • Small download size  
  • Support for Trade Wars 2002 MBBS version 
  • Support for Trade Wars 2002 3.xx versions AND Games running on TWGS 
  • Supports UNLIMITED sectors game (ie 5000,20000 or even 50000) 
  • Pair Port with haggling for experience 
  • SST with haggling for experience 
  • SSM with haggling for experience 
  • Show up to 7 sector Dead Ends 
  • CIM and realtime processing  
  • Buy/Dump. Allows best price/asking price/worst price 
  • Buy Planetary Shields 
  • Create LOG files. 
  • Planets and Fighters encountered in the universe are stored automatically in a database and the list is viewable from within ATTAC  
  • Players can share their ATTAC databases with teammates using TWX data format
  • Port/Citadel/Ship/Capture calculators 
  • Photon and Move 
  • Pay all Tolls automatically 
  • Players can set an Escape Sector to flee to in case of emergency - clicking an Escape button in the main window will send them to that sector 
  • When a sector is double-clicked in a report form, ATTAC will give the player the option to move there. If moving to a paired port, the ports and what they buy will automatically be fed into the paired port form. 
  • Pressing G updates figs in database  
  • Many other features 



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