What is ATTAC?
ATTAC is a TCP/IP Tradewars Helper. This means that ATTAC will help you play Tradewars and make you a better and more efficient player. ATTAC automates tasks, keeps a realtime database of fighters, ports, sectors, busts and more, as well many other useful features. You use ATTAC as a client program to connect to the tradewars game you are playing via TCP/IP as you would with any normal telnet application. Through ATTAC, you can then access any of the predefined scripts as well as write any of your own using the REXX scripting langauge. 

What is Tradewars?
Tradewars is an online multiplayer game that was born in the days of the BBS and is still a very popular game today. Tradewars games now run on TWGS 
(Tradewars Game Server) which can run on the windows platform. TWGS was created by EISOnline. You can read more about Tradewars at www.eisonline.com

How can ATTAC make me a better player?
One example is paired ports. ATTAC will generate paired ports, and automatically cross reference them with the ATTAC's realtime bust list and mark busted ports with a asterick. ATTAC will then sort these ports by the sector, amount, percent or the shortest distance to your sector. This will help you maximize your turns and make the most cash. Another example is that ATTAC will generate all the ports under construction, leading you to a possible enemy base being built.

How can ATTAC make me more efficient?
Lets say that you want to sell 32k units of equipment from a planet to the port in the sector. However, you want to sell it 250 units at a time to gain 
experience from haggling with the port. You can write a REXX script that will land on the planet, pick up the 250 units of equipment and then sell it to the 
port. You can then tell REXX to run that for 128 cycles and spare your fingers some pain. Now, any time you want to repeat that task, you can use the 
script you created.

In Summary.
Basically, ATTAC helps you play Tradewars and it saves all the infomation as it plays in realtime. You can download ATTAC and it will work in a limited 
fashion by restricting the records a report generates and by limiting all scripts to a max number of cycles. Purchasing ATTAC will remove ALL these restrictions and entitles the purchasee to free upgrades.

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