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This file is the support doc for REXX scripting

This file is the support for the TWX format
Revision History

ATTAC Revision History in text format (updated 3/26/2000)
Tradewars 3.xx Revision History in HTML format (updated 11/13/1998)
Common Questions
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How do I register?
Go To and click on 'Purchase'. Then click on 'Click here to use our Secure Server' Once you have purchase ATTAC, I will automatically receive email notification and request from you four (4) Tradewars Handles. Once I receive those from you, I will send you the registration codes for those handles.

Does ZTM save the data if it crashes or I lose my connection?
Yes, since ZTM saves the data as it scrolls across the screen in real-time. Therefore, you only need to start off from where you last left off

What does it mean in port listings when i see ?? as the port amount or percentage?
That means that ATTAC does not know the amount or percentage. Lets say you pass through a sector. ATTAC only sees the port type so it will register a unknown amount.

Please explain further since i am still confused. I ran CIM, shouldnt the ports change from ?? to the actual amount?
They should but there is a chance the might not. The reason is this. Lets say an opposing player drops a toll fig in that section. In this case, that port does not show up on your CIM. Therefore, ATTAC will know "see" that section and it will remain as a ??

I am using Show Nearest Fighter. I know i have a fighter 10 hops away. Why isn't it showing up?
The reason is that ATTAC limits the total number of sectors that it searchs. Currently the limit is 1,000,000. After it reaches that number and it has not located a fighter, you get "No fighters found in 10 sector radius) Mathematically, if every sector had 6 warps, searching through a radius of 10 sectors would be 6 raised to the power of 10 which is 60,466,176 which would take a long time.
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