How to create a game?

Open ATTAC. You see the following screen

Login Page

Step A: Enter the hostname. This is either and IP address ( OR a telnet address (
Step B: Enter the port that the TWGS game is on. Common ports are 23 and 2002
Step C: Enter the name you want to use to remember this game. Usually it is something like "Stardock Game A"
Step D: The treeview on the left allows you to set any other settings for this specific game. If you click Logging, you can turn on logging for this game. Clicking on ATTAC Settings allows you to change the sectors in the universe, and many other features. All features specific to Tradewars are located under ATTAC Settings. All other options are related to the telnet session or to the graphical window.
Step E: This is the most important step. When all configuration is complete, you must SAVE the game data by clicking the SAVE button. If you are in another part of the treeview and you do not see this option. Click Session on the treeview and this screen will reappear. Then click SAVE. After clicking SAVE, the Saved Session will "drop down" to the box below and be available for playing. Simply double click on it to  start using ATTAC.
Tip: Another way to start a game is to click on the Saved Session. Click Load and then Click Open.


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