TWXSync a real-time synchronization server for compatible Tradewars Helpers. When connected to the TWXSync server, your Tradewars client is constantly sending/receiving data to/from teammates connected to that game.

How it works: When you create a new game in your helper, you specify the IP address and port of the TWXSync server. Then you select the game you are interested in and that information is then saved in your game configuration. (click here for detailed instructions of how to connect to a TWXSync Server)

Why use it: TWXSync will revolutionize tradewars, the way scripting did. All teammates will instantly have real-time access to ALL other teammate’s data. As you see a port’s information, that amounts and percents will instantly be sent to the sync server. Anyone connected to that game will instantly get the information sent to them. If they are offline, then they will get the information when they sign on.

More reasons to use it: The TWXSync Server will do real-time bust clearing. This means if I bust at a port, it will show up on my bust list. If someone connected to the sync server busts at that same port, the sync server will receive that information and send it to me. This data, since it is more recent, will clear my bust. This will allow my helper to return to the port.

How does it work: The TWXSync server works by sending XML packets to the TWXSync Server. Anytime an “EVENT” occurs, data is sent to the server. An “EVENT” is anything that realizes new data. Examples are moving to a new sector, porting at a port, seeing a player. The server then sees if anyone else is connected to that game. If there are users connected, they will get the data sent directly to them. The TWXSync server also stores the data. This way, if a player is offline, they will get the data when they login.

Will it slow my Tradewars game down? It is very unlikely to slow down your playing. The XML packets are very small, usually they are 200-500 bytes and they are compressed using the zlib algorithm.

Is it secure? Can anyone see my data? The data is secure and encrypted. To connect to a game on the server, a password is required. This password is setup by the server admin. The admin running the server also has the ability to terminate any connection at any time.

Which helpers are compatible with the TWXSync Server? Currently ATTAC is the only helper that is compatible.

How does a helper become compatible? Any Tradewars helper can be compatible. There is a standard XML protocol that was created to facilitate connections to the TWXSync server. By following this simple to use protocol, any helper can connect to and communicate with the TWXSync Server. (click here for protocol)

How do I configure the TWXSync Server? There is a separate webpage for the instructions(click here for instructions)

What Tradewars data does the TWXSync server synchronize? The following is the data synchronized

  • All Sector Data - This means any report that runs of sectors is sync'ed (dead ends, bubbles etc...)
  • All Port Data - This means pair port report, port quantities etc...
  • Bust List - When you bust, that data is sent to the server and will automatically clear the other players busts for that sector (who are using the TWXSync Server)
  • Fighter Data
  • Player Data
  • Planets are not synchronized

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