How to run a REXX script?

From ATTAC, click "ATTAC->Run User (REXX) Scripts" from the menu.

Run Rexx  

Step A: Click ATTAC on the Menu Bar
Step B: Select Run User (REXX) Scripts. This brings up the following box.

Step A: Here you can select the script you want to run.
Step B: The drop down box has three options.
  1. Rexx scripting files are all files that end with .ZRX or REX. Encrpyted REXX script files are files that end with .ERX.
  2. Encrpyted files are used when you dont want the source code to be seen. ALL the internal ATTAC scripts are encrpyted. If you are interested in creating an encrpyted script pack, email me at
  3. The last option is All Files, select this to view all files
Step C: Click OK to Start the selected REXX script or click Cancel if you do not want to start a script

Tip: Another way to start a game is to click on the Saved Session. Click Load and then Click Open.


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